About WVMR New York

We are the Radio Home for the Independent!


Based on ideology of the home of the unsigned and independent music website, VoicelessMusic.com, WVMR New York is looking to become THE leading station for the independent people in the world! A place where you can hear more than just music, WVMR New York will be the home to  sportscasters, politics analysts, conspiracy theorists, community activists, coalition leaders and others looking to have their voice heard!

Located in Long Island City of Queens, New York, WVMR New York is setting the bar as a legit home of all forms of radio.

Started with The Founding 5, the first five shows to join the station: Voiceless Music Radio which became The Pulse Of New York, Darkside Radio,The Daily Talk w/ Cool Chellz, East New York Talk Radio and Lyve Lyfe Radio, WVMR New York surprisingly started as heavily supported station.

And with the direction of DJ Mainstream with the help of blogger Lady Sen, critically acclaimed DJ Mastermind, Darkside Radio's Blackout The Rebel, Dyme Smith, Cool Chellz, and Voiceless Music's finest Bizzy Bee, Rockview Entertainment's S-ROCK and more, the station has grown to new heights in one year, boasting such guests such as...

Revolt/MTV featured artist and 2017 Voiceless Music Awards winner for Artist of The Year Shenna (Guest of Darkside Radio)


POWER star actress Andrea Rachel-Parker ['Destiny'] (Guest of Mixxy Radio)


Former XXL Freshman and lyrical king Mickey Factz (Guest of Darkside Radio)


Socialite and Hot 97 representative Hip-Hop Mike (Guest of Left Lane Radio) 


[Photo credit: Katie Kay Photography]

Love & Hip-Hop NY star Jaquae and internet sensason and host of Party & Bullshit Jack Thriller (Guest of We Got That Radio


Producer of Mary J. Blige, Common, The Diplomats and others, Grammy nominated Music Mystro! (Guest of Mixxy Radio)


Activist / Actress (Aunt Viv of Fresh Prince of Bel-Air) / Photographer Daphne Maxwell Reid! (Guest of Monday Night RAWRR)


Super producer Amadeus! (Guest of We Got That Radio)

Money & Violence star Ace General [Kane] (Guest of Trippy Radio)


Three-time Top 10 Billboard artist and VH1 feature Arika Kane (Guest of Left Lane Radio)


[Photo credit: Katie Kay Photography]

and famed independent MC and son of late BIG Pun, Chris Rivers (Guest of Darkside Radio) !

With our connection to the entertainment industry, WVMR New York is ready to be the first of its kind from the internet to rival the major stations across our city and beyond!

We also offer commercial recording for small businesses and corporations (which can be broadcasted to our over 10K monthly listeners), photo shoot space and also in the near future, provide a green screen for movie/video editing! Use the Contact Us link for requesting information on using our space for your next project!